1. The slices are ugly (thinly rounded etc)

Set the thickness control larger. Make sure the knife has a point of contact (don't cut half cheeses). Cut cheeses with rind.

2. The slices are damaged by the thickness control.

Press the cheese less hard against the thickness adjuster. It works best to push the cheese lightly while pulling the arm down. Once the knife is through the first bit of the cheese, you can apply a little less pressure.

3. The slices are irregular in thickness.

Check construction month: before February 2020? (Warranty expired) Replace aluminum thickness regulator (X00025). 

After February 2020? Push the cheese consistently (with some pressure but not hard) against the thickness adjuster while lowering the knife arm. 

4. The slices are thin or frayed at the back.

Turn the thickness control rear larger.

5. The rind of my cheese is crumbling.

This is normal. Especially with older cheese or Raclette cheese. Here the rind is looser on the cheese. It is normal that while cutting Gouda cheese a piece of rind stays behind at the bottom. If the rind is pulled along, the knife may be blunt, see point 12.

6. The slice breaks off halfway during cutting.

Check if the cheese has a rind. Make the chopping motion in a smooth, flowing motion. 

7. Heat element does not heat up sufficiently.

Check the cables for breakage. Does the knife arm not get hotter than 40 degrees Celsius at room temperature? Then the heat element is probably broken. 

7.1 cable break

Dangerous! Stop using, remove plug from power outlet and warn a service party. (NL > Boska, abroad > Distributor) for correct replacement cable. If it is only the transformer, order new transformer through www.boska.com. Transformers from third parties are not supported and damage the warranty.


8. Heat element does not heat up.

Are the cables connected properly, is the outlet working?

9. cutting is heavy.

Use heat to make cutting less heavy. Take a short break after a few minutes of cutting. Pay attention to posture during cutting, stand up straight. Do not exert sideways pressure on the cutting arm!

10. I cut with the knife in my cutting board.

Don't! Do not apply sideways pressure to the knife arm (with the right hand). This will prevent cutting into the cutting board.

11. Digit ring is broken.

Send a new digit ring (X00123). This has the numbers printed on it > so the sticker is not on it, and the user does not need to apply it themselves.

12. Knife is blunt. 

You can have your knife sharpened at a cookery store or knife sharpener.

Amsterdam > www.meesterslijpers.nl.

You can also order a new knife at www.boska.com.